All this talk about the 12-40mm, I just bought a used 12-50mm for $235

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Re: All this talk about the 12-40mm, I just bought a used 12-50mm for $235

tgutgu wrote:

Well, that lens is certainly not worth than the price you paid for it. Among my zoom lenses in the focal length area it covers, it is by far the worst performer.

That is not my experience with that lens. For me it is one of the best kit lenses ever created in terms of versatility and IQ and it is worth every penny paid for it.  The only drawback is speed. Here is an example of what it does. Look at the full size.

If yours doesn't perform like this, you mat have a bad copy.

That there is so much talk about the 12-40mm and far less (favorable) about the 12-50mm is justified. All this writing about that the 12-50mm is a "decent" lens, is a polite statement saying that it is not really good.

I don't care what other people say, I have my own experience. People who think it is a bad lens either have a bad copy or should learn how to use it. Blaming the tool is always an easy solution.

To me, paying $ 235 for it is money that could and should have saved to buy something else.


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