D7000 is horrible at soccer pictures

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Why don't you let the OP comment if he cares? He is the one who asked ;-)

BirgerH wrote:

antoineb wrote:

My D7000 fares much better than this.

Couple suggestions:

- AF-C seems fine but in the early days when I played with AF options I would that AF-C Auto delivered terrible results, and came to the conclusion that this was only a setting for desperate situations (say attempting to photograph unidentified objects coming from anywhere).

- I get a quite good keeper rate, be it on soccer or other sports or flying insects or kids running around etc, by using AF-C and Single Point, or sometimes with a larger array option (9 or 21 pt).

- AF-C and 3D has never worked for me at all, I find it as bad as, or possibly worse, than AF-C Auto. I's main problem for me is that it decides what is the subject, vs letting me chose. Then it does a great job of following, but if its decision did not match my desire then what's the use? So I view 3D, just like Auto, as a semi-desperate option.

- finally the obvious: have you done an AF fine-tune for your 70-200? It's pretty easy to do with a ruler set at an acute angle to the camera's line of sight, a tripod, and timer release. Do note of course that (1) the optimal AF fine-tune setting will depend on the distance so do not do your test shots at say 6ft if seeking optimal results for soccer but try to go at least 20ft; (2) the optimal AF fine-tune setting on a zoom will vary depending on focal length so here again try to do your fine-tune with the lens set at the focal length you tend to use the most when shooting soccer (other more sophisticated or simply more recent cameras or other brands like Canon, allow you to enter TWO AF fine-tune values, one at each end of the zoom, and then the camera interpolates)

Good luck

Yes antonieb - but it can't be.

According to the OP : "FYI, when using AF-S or AF-A mode, the focus is tack sharp. If I only did still photography, I'd keep the camera, but I want a camera that can do still photography and still be able to do the occassional AF-C required Photos."

So the camera has no back or front focusing - and no use for AF-tuning. There can't be that in one of the AF-modes only.

It will either be a flaw in the AF-drive system or a wrong use. My guess is still the use of AF-Areamode Auto.

This could be said for sure, if the OP would post his Pictures.


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