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Ben Herrmann
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Well, actually...

As I mentioned yesterday in another reply to a different posting, over a dozen folks responded to my WTB E-1 threads that I started on several forums.  As a result, I was presented with a wealth of offers - mostly all mint/like-new E-1 - with two of them being brand new-in-the-box E-1 systems (complete with battery grip and a host of other optional accessories).  Needless to say, I purchased the 2 NIB E-1's.  Now we're talkin' E-1's that have never been used and have all of the optional accessorie thrown in (also new).  And to think I paid only $250 for one setup and $300 for another - new ones at that - I believe I made out big time.

Unfortunately, whenever you sell electronics you wind up being on the losing end of the deal - it's unfortunate.  All of us look at our camera gear with a certain passion and as such, they (the cameras) hold a much higher value with regards to what we feel we can get for it.  Unfortunately, it's a buyers market right now - as I've found out.  As another example, I was also in the market to pick up an E-330 (I should have never sold mine several years ago).  Well, I found another NIB model (never used obviously) and I only paid around $139 or so for it.  I know that the seller was hoping to get above $300 for it.

Like I tell many others, I can guarantee you that if you sell your E-1 (even though you may not have used it in awhile), you will be very regretful that you did.  All it takes to keep the appreciation level constant for this ole' gem of a camera, is to periodically reach for the E-1 and begin shooting for it.  It will quickly remind you that although ancient by current day standards, there's a feel for it (and the images) that will keep you interested.  So I'm willing to bet that if you let your E-1 go, you will eventually be in the market for another one within the next year or so.  So that's why I now have 3 of them (I maybe a sick puppy, but there's a method to my madness).

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