Fuji Lenses Weather Sealing

Started Nov 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Fuji Lenses Weather Sealing

George Paulides wrote:

Why? How many Leica or Carl Zeiss lens or in fact lens from most manufacturers do you see that are weathershield?

Besides there are no weathershield bodies as yet from Fuji. They will most probably release a weather sealed body in the future (if you believe the rumours) and a possibly a selected number of WS lens. That is the best you can hope. Do not expect the entire range to be WS.

Why impose an extra cost on all user to benefit a few.

+1.  Pentax has a beautiful line of weather sealed *Limited primes.  The new Olympus 12-40 is weathersealed and looks excellent.  If weathersealing is a source of anxiety for you, Fuji probably isn't your best choice.

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