Rumoured Pentax FF : follow classic mz5n

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Re: Rumoured Pentax FF : follow classic mz5n


I am with you on the K1 or whatever being a modern version FF of the K3/5 series, but think they could produce a retro, although not instead of the k1, but as well as..........

The whole retro thing is interesting because while I am an older film days guy and love some of those older cameras, there is a whole new generation of younger, artistic people (and let's face it, that's what Photography art) who appreciate retro design, wether it be an Italian scooter, retro furniture etc........its funky and modern to have retro gear.....

There needs to be a 'standard' modern all singing all dancing hi tech version and perhaps there is room for a retro design. Wether it be FF or APS-C (k-01 revamped) mirrorless?? I think that Ricoh has their finger on the pulse of marketing a bit better and the colour thing seems to have worked well for them in asian markets at least, so they will best know if an LX-D or K1000D will work for them. What also seems to work for them best is concentrating on what they do well in niche or uncrowded markets. Whilst retro range finder is being done everywhere, Nikon seems to be the only one (unless you call the Oly's retro?) doing retro DSLR.

I was always one keen to see such a thing myself, so there you go, always two very differing desires and that's why there might be enough in it to do a simplified FF, hopefully not with shutter speed dial as in the Nikon, but at least in body and a few styling cues, with modern internals perhaps.....

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