A7 - it's not just about IQ

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A7 - it's not just about IQ

Looking at Steve Huff's write up about Olympus EM1 v Sony A7 he says the EM1 is the better all round camera, but if it's about IQ its the Sony that wins on:


Colour rendition

Dynamic Range

But surely it's difficult to compare unless you can put on the identical lenses on each camera?

So the EM1 + 17mm v Sony + 35mm

According the SH the Sony wins in terms of IQ, however if you took the same image on both cameras would you

1. Notice the difference on a 27" computer screen ? interestingly we seem to view images about a foot away from the screen but in real life we would view from several feet when hung on a wall!

2. Notice in an A2 print?

May be an ignorant question but what will you notice with Colour depth, is this a richer colour, ie more saturation?

Could DR be pulled back using RAW and give the EM1 as good an end image as the A7?

So would the EM1 be able to give you everything the A7 can except resolution if you are prepared to shoot in RAW and PP?

I am a zoom guy so I would be looking to use the 24-70 EF F4 with the A7 but initially would use the 28-70 f3.5-5.6 but I guess the EM1 with 12-40 f2.8 would give the 28-70 a run?

I mainly shoot street, travel and landscapes so would probably use f4 to f8

certainly the EM1 is more of a photographers camera and the Sony is a great piece of technology giving great IQ


Olympus E-M1 Sony Alpha a7
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