D7000 is horrible at soccer pictures

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Re: D7000 is horrible at soccer pictures

jcorona25 wrote:

When I first got my d7000 I had the same backfocusing problem I fine tuned all my lenses... it took me like 4 days to do it but I solved the problem... I used the Jeffrey’s Autofocus Test Chart http://regex.info/blog/photo-tech/focus-chart you can check some of my pictures in my flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/60046639@N06/

Still - according to the OP' explanation, it is not the same problem. Choosing an AF-Mode has nothing to do with AF accuracy.

AF-C or AF-S has  no influence with front or back focusing - it is an operational choise, nothing else.

Choosing right AF-areas might have influence on the AF accuracy.

That is why, some prefer the simpler D90 system - fewer areas (points) and fewer dynamic choises.

There are but two possibilities here:

The OP has got a bad copy of the D7000 and should send it to Nikon - or

the OP should practise his camera operations - and the more opportunities of this camera.


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