All this talk about the 12-40mm, I just bought a used 12-50mm for $235

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Shotokan. Our instructor also teaches ninjutsu, I did that for a short stint, but it really is for younger guys in better shape. Shotokan is close to what I studied when I was in college which was Kyokushinkai.

I've studied more off than on over the years, but always come back to training. Did TKD a little in my twenties, and did Wing Chun for a couple of years. I really liked TKD, but the instructor sold the school. Wing Chun was an hour and a half each way. The shotokan school is five minute from the house, and the Sensei lives just down the street from us. We got our four year old daughter in it a couple of years ago, it looked like fun, so I switched from wing Chun to shotokan. It's closer, I can train more, and spend more time with my family. Also, our Sensei is very organized and classes run extremely well. He's a good coach and pushes us to be better.

Now back to the lens talk. 12-50mm and stuff.

Shotokan is fine and so is Ninjitsu , I never have a son, only daughters, so no say there, my personal choice for my son will be Judo or Aikido, no need to be aggressive, if you know what I mean, I trained in Kempo , up to Purple belt, my Sensei use to teach compassion and justice, TKD guys used to fear us, we meant business: no flapping kicks, or ridicules possess, but we were mercy-full and respectful of all living creatures. The funny thing is that the only time I was able to try my martial arts capabilities was against a brother of a friend which was twice my weight and 4+ inches taller than me, so He ended up on top of me, I have and asthma attack and  gave up. Well, in another occasion I was able to dis-arm a guy with a knife, by kicking his wrist. But my best lesson learned was: the best fight is the one you never have! There is a reason why the Tiger and the Hog  always avoid confrontation and it is not because of fear; it is respect for life. So far, I have find the way to avoid any kind of physical confrontations, but I still remember a couple of tricks on how to put my stronger enemy out in a matter of seconds.

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