Two years of landscapes - a Canon 16-35L II review.

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Re: Two years of landscapes - a Canon 16-35L II review.

JoEick wrote:

rebel99 wrote:

fabulous shots! would you recommend the canon 24 f1.4II for night shots, if you have used it and what lenses do you recommend for that purpose? how long do you leave the shutter open before the earth movement effects the frame? thanks



The Canon 24L II is known for having great night shot capabilities. My only problem is the 24mm isn't very wide and may need multiple shots stitched together for a wider field of view. I tend to always shoot night shots at 16mm. 14mm would be a little better if I still had a 14-24. I personally think for night shots of the milky way, a Nikon 14-24 can't be beat at 14mm, even by prime lenses.

For 16mm, I tend to try using a shutter length of 20 seconds at ISO 12800, but only with the latest generation of sensors like the 6D which has exquisite high ISO ability. My 5D2 would fall to pieces starting at ISO 3200 with noise, banding, and color casting.

If you use a longer focal length, you need to also use a longer shutter like 30 seconds and/or a wider aperture like f1.4. It must be noted that a 1.4 lens does not actually bring that much more light into the sensor than a 2.8, due to the way digital sensors are designed. It is still an improvement though and will at least give a brighter viewfinder.

It also depends on where you are pointed into the sky. Directly West and East is where the stars move the fastest and North and South the slowest. I will go to 30 seconds or more for some shots pointing North.


thanks for your lengthy response, i appreciate you sharing the knowledge of your night photography with us you mentioned the nikon 14-24mm as the best lens for night photography, what makes this lens so good for this task, although, i have heard about the iq performance of this lens quite a bit, which is great. once again, thanks for the response.


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