Two years of landscapes - a Canon 16-35L II review.

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Re: Two years of landscapes - a Canon 16-35L II review.

Abu Mahendra wrote:

If you are stitching and focus stacking landscapes, why not just carry the 24L or indeed the 24 TS-E II?

Well, first of all, it is not always possible to stitch or focus stack, even though I try as often as I can. On top of that, the prime lenses need to be cropped if you want a narrower field of view, or carry many prime lenses. Versatility in a single lens trumps everything else for the style of photography I do. Changing lenses often brings in more dust and in some cases there is too much mist in the air to have the camera exposed to the insides for even a fraction of a second.

TS lenses are not weather sealed and do not zoom, but they do take tele converters. I personally think they are cool and fun, but might be better suited for architecture photography. TS lenses were more useful in the film days when everything needed to be correct at the time of exposure. These days, zoom lenses are much higher in quality than before, and digital imaging has allowed for stitching and other tricks to make the best of them. I would guess that the vast majority of professional landscapers today, use zoom lenses.

If I did landscapes as a hobby, I would probably have all sorts of different primes and stuff to play with. It's fun! I need to make a living at this, which brings a whole different set of needs. Getting the shot always trumps fun and playing with various lenses. I also have to keep my weight to a minimum as I am a skinny dude and can't carry much weight on top of camping gear.

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