DXOMark rates Sony A7r the 2nd best camera ever.

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Re: DXOMark rates Sony A7r the 2nd best camera ever.

Michel J wrote:

Clayton1985 wrote:

Michel J wrote:

z36qc wrote:

Take pictures with an A7r with a welded tripod to it, and probably you can have the best camera ever!


but I am not convinced by the body controls, and I'm not the only one?

Everyone's has different preferences but most of the early previews I've read have been positive when it comes to the controls and overall ergonomics.

Does this camera have programmable buttons? If yes, which button can be programing and then with which command/feature/s? Then, if yes, can you programming alernatively AEL vs AF-lock toggle!?

As you can see, that makes many 'if....then', to get the perfect workflow environment what suggest a camera of it's class! No offense, but unfortuately and until all what you wrote could be proven, I would continue to seriously doubt about an "hassle free" and full efficiency in the field with these cameras (or maybe you have some information more to support your assertions, what we don't to date)!

Are we reading the same words? I haven't asserted anything and everything I've written can be proven because I only said that early previews have been positive?? What are you saying that I asserted?

You made the comment that you are not convinced about the body controls yet you provide zero details of what led you to be "not convinced". If you're not convinced because you know nothing at all about the camera then why would you waste time posting that comment at all. Otherwise, it would suggest that you have seen or read something that makes you question the controls. Telling you that there are reports out there by those with experience using the camera and that they have been generally positive is information that you can use if you actually wanted to. Many of those that have used the camera have talked about the level of customization - some in detail. I don't have any assertions to support and I could care less if the camera is hassle free or fully efficient in the field but you can find out for yourself if you need to be know.

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