That E-3 Colour... Always just looks great

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Re: That E-3 Colour... Always just looks great

veroman wrote:

alatchin wrote:

I know there is a steady following for the E-1 and the Kodak sensor colour, I have the E-300 but it is at my office in SE Asia I would love to get it back and run a few tests with the same lenses.

Having said that, every time I take out the E-3 for a walk I am impressed with the colours from the camera, to the point where it makes me want to keep it forever ... Dilemmas.

There's no dilemma then. Trust your eyes. If you prefer the colors from the E-3 (and it appears you do), then keep it. Anything else will pale by comparison and not give you the same satisfaction, regardless of whatever other qualities the other camera(s) may offer.

It is true, and when these things are gone, they are gone. I have  a few other things I am thinking of putting on the chopping block that were a bit impulsive... or maybe I just dont need to add any new bodies or lenses to my kit...

It is just such easy and natural colour, especially with the 12-60 and SWD 50-200, even when it pops it doesnt look overdone.

Thanks for the comment.

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