Max ISO for flash portraiture ?

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Re: I don't quite understand the question...

HB1969 wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Often one wants to maintain a relatively shallow depth of field while using film flash. Stopping down, one looses the shallow depth of field and suffer from diffraction.

Yes I understood that bit. That's why the OP is using ND filters but if you increase the ISO wouldn't you need a stronger ND filter? In the above senario, a 10 stop ND filter (like the one from Hoya) would allow you to use ISO up to 1600 or 3200 while maintaining a shutter speed of 1/180s with f/1.4 but would reduce the range of your flash significantly. I'm trying to work out why the OP needs to increase the ISO at all. Am I working the numbers in the wrong direction?

He wants to change ISO because when he moves around the lighting condition changes. Happens to me a lot. Personally I find ISO800-1000 will do fine. To shoot wide open @ 1.4 with flash in a sunny day, I employ an 8 stop filter and the AF struggles quite a bit. It does fine with my 3 stop filter though. My biggest gripe is shutter speed being reset to 1/125s after I review my shot.

I have given up trying to shoot flash photography with Fuji because of all the hassles. Picked up a used 5D + Yongnuo 602c and I can now sync at 1/8000s, blowing the sun away with no ND filter (you need a powerful, long tail flash though). Base ISO of 100 and same DOF at f/2 really help too.

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