Using the 50-200 SWD on both E-5 and E-M1

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Re: Using the 50-200 SWD on both E-5 and E-M1

I excluded every one of those possibilities on my OOF shots and more. I've found the exif focus distance to be pretty accurate.

If a shot I have taken looks slightly blurred the explanations are usually, in order of likelihood:

  • low shutter speed and moving subject (for example, check the foreground person in this shot and you may think there is a focus issue -- but check out his planted foot:
  • or mis-judging the focal distance (due to me using the old trick of focusing on something at approximately the correct distance then recomposing and shooting -- due to too much foliage to get a good lock, for example);
  • or what appears to be a slight shift in focus -- usually behind the subject -- that does not appear to be my fault.

Isn't that what Big Ga is implying? the e-m1 s-AF is at least as good as e-5 (maybe even better, if there are no false-locks); however it is still a mediocre AF ability compare to canikon?

If you are going to use native MocroFT lenses only, then yes, AF is much improved. S-AF is as good as the E-5, and possibly the occasional dud lock has been fixed, and C-AF is much better from what I have seen. I doubt C-AF is as good as a good implementation on a Canon or Nikon body, however, so if this is what you plan on using then make sure you can give the E-M1 a thorough test (preferably test two systems together to get an accurate comparative assessment)

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