Using the 50-200 SWD on both E-5 and E-M1

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Re: Using the 50-200 SWD on both E-5 and E-M1

gnewylliw wrote:

My impression has been the speed of the AF (at least on the 4/3rds bodies) is about as fast as APS in moderate to good daylight. 100% agree with the random offsets though.

If you mean occasional instances where the precise focus plane seems to be offset, then yes, I think that is an occasional issue.  Whether this is the AF system, the lens, or the interaction between them, I am unsure of.  It is definitely the case that you can get a solid lock on a static subject (I use the centre AF point only, usually) then get a slightly blurred shot where the background appears sharp.

So that is a certainly an occasional issue that I have noted.  I haven't tried to calibrate the E-5 to my lenses, so perhaps that would eliminate this?

OTOH, 'focus issues' are not unique to FourThirds and given the large number of mis-focused shots that turn up selected as 'best shots' I'd guess that many people are happily using systems that have serious AF issues.

a note on the MMF adapter, I used to have a vitriox (cheapo eBay version) , I noticed corners and sides were quite blurry on m4/3 vs 4/3. got a DWM-MA1 and problem was solved.

Interesting.  I have been using the cheapy 'Vitrox' JY-43F adapter, and haven't noted image problems like you mention -- maybe I got a good sample?  I do intend getting the MMF-3 soon, though, simply because the build quality is a bit dubious on the cheapy.

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