Painting - Stephanie, woods, violin, red flowers, dreamscape

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Re: Painting - Stephanie, woods, violin, red flowers, dreamscape

stormyboy wrote:

It's beautiful. However, even though you prefer the rough strokes, the arms appear strangely shaped and unflattering.

it looks fine at full resolution. One thing people forget is that paintings are designed to be viewed for a typical viewing distance. Printed and at 4-5 feet, it looks fine. Not that this is museum quality but go look at any painting in a museum and look at one of the paintings from 1 foot away. It will look extremely unflattering.

As an artist, I am probably more intimately aware of the shortcomings of my work than any of the posters. When you criticize a work on a forum you are usually wasting your time. Either the original poster is way more aware than you are of what the problems are or they cannot comprehend the finer details of the critique . In either event, not much good will come of it.

Typically the motivation for such critiques are more about the critic trying to bring out his or her knowledge. I think folks criticize in order to prove to other posters that they are knowledgeable or in the know. I could criticize many images I see on here and other forums but I do not out of politeness unless asked.

When I want criticism of my work, I'll submit it to Brian Demint, Kevin Focht, Karen Sperling, Darton Drake, etc. Random critique from anonymous forum members is pretty useless.

Sorry to be blunt but that's the way I see it.

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