Steel & concrete-ification of London

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Re: Steel & concrete-ification of London

harold1968 wrote:

After many years of reading posts here on equipment, I just looked through this forum and like it. dpreview is primarily an equipment forum (or GAS forum, depending which way you look at it) but its nice to have a photo space, which is what its all about.

Therefore my meagre contribution with my latest camera love (RX1R) seemed an idea.

Currently working on a series called Glass and concrete as London becomes a big amorphous concrete and glass structure

Urban Dock

Concrete smoke

Loving the view

Lonely station

Upriver apartments

Urban beach

Underground view

Jogging in the last unbuilt zone on the Thames

best rgds

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I like 1,2 and 4.  number 4, the one in the station looks like it was taken with a much wider lens than 35mm though. was It not something else than an RX1r?  The "underground" one with the shard I is quite a bit overcooked for my taste. Thanks for sharing.

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