TCON17X teleconverter for XZ-1 first impressions + Pics

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Re: TCON17X teleconverter for XZ-1 first impressions + Pics

BobT wrote:

Do you truly find the additional expense, mechanics of installation, and size of the rig when "assembled" to be worth the limited added focal length gained by all this? Is my math correct is that the XZ-1 WITH these things added, increases to a 6.8X zoom? I'm not being negative, or finding fault. Just trying to work through....if such an acquisition would be worth it compared to maybe just purchasing a longer zoom camera instead.

The additional expense doesn't need to be more than about $60 or so if you go for a second-hand B-300 TC, a 52mm lens adapter (like this one, or the Kiwi Photos LA-52XZ1 which is a little more but possibly better quality) and a 52-55mm step-up ring.

I've tried such a combo with my XZ-2 and the results were excellent.  However I generally find the rig too impractical to bother with.

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