D7000 is horrible at soccer pictures

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AF-Sub mirror

photoisfun wrote:

evan47 wrote:

try setting it to af-s, single point, focus priority.

most d7000 focus issues are user error with the camera at default settings.

read the manual and practice your technique.

Do me a favor, use your D7000 using the settings you just recommended to me, except change to AF-C. Focus using a 50mm 1.4 prime at 2.5f to 4f (doesn't matter) and take a picture of a stationary non moving object such as a teddy bear or something that is not flat (your hands or feet maybe?). You will notice that the focus is almost never correct.

I just checked again with the 50 f1.8 and don't have your issue at all.

If all my Nikons had this problem I wouldn't complain, but this is only the case with my D7000. AF-C is definitely faulty in the D7000 or just my copy is bad.

You may possibly need the AF-Sub mirror adjusted. Does it happen in all light conditions? Is it worse in tungsten light?

Also, be aware the the actually focus arrays are larger than the focus box in the viewfinder. That can casue focus to lock on to a high contrast outside the focus box. If yopu had an example we could check

Here is how the arrays on my D7K mapped out

arrays in purple...focus boxes in red

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