Mirrorless shipments surge....

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Are you serious?

Abrak wrote:

marike6 wrote:

Perhaps you missed where I wrote:

"Of course this is just anecdotal evidence, but I did notice a ton of people happily walking around Manhattan with their DSLRs."


adjective - (of an account) not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research : while there was much anecdotal evidence there was little hard fact | these claims were purely anecdotal

The point is I think there is a tendency on some online forums to assume that everybody prioritizes small size in cameras, but outside of these forums in the real world there does seem to be a large segment of the population who grew up with SLRs and don't consider them burdensomely heavy.

I never said anything about facts.

No I 100% did not miss what you wrote.

You gave your personal experience on the streets of NY and you qualified by saying that it was 'anecdotal' as in 'not particular significant' as in 'may not totally reflect the facts'. I get that.

But my point is that you dont realize how 'totally insignificant' your personal experience is in the greater scheme of things. If you realized that it is a millionth of a percentile you wouldnt actually mention it in the first place let alone repeat it twice.

And you wouldnt start implying that 'global aggregated data' is something generated on 'online forums' and that your experience represents 'outside of these forums in the real world'. No, you never said anything about 'facts', merely implied your 'real world' experience might actually be relevant.

And to put it very simply. If you think your real world experience is relevant in the context of the aggregated global data, I will guarantee you 100% that it is NOT.

Are you serious?  I never said anything about global data. I gave an example from MY experience in NYC, one of the largest in the world, at THE largest camera store in the US.  That's all I did.  I NEVER said that because most people in NYC are carrying DSLRs it must be that way in the rest of the world.  I never said a single word about Europe, Asia or the grand scheme of things.

YOU are the one reading all kinds of things into my comments, talking about "facts", "global aggregate data" and "the big picture".  Not once did I mention any of those things.

We do know that DSLRs outsell MILCs in most regions, but it was not my intention to even enter into a debate over DSLRs vs MILCs because frankly I find it quite boring.

But there is a lot of talk in these forums about "large, heavy DSLRs" and about people using smaller cameras like MILCs.  And what I said was that here in the New York if they are I did not see them.   That's all I said.  Draw whatever conclusions you want, I quite honestly couldn't care less (no offense).

I'm guessing that if I had said "Wow, I was down at B&H Photo in New York yesterday and everybody I saw had either an OM-D, a PEN or an X100", your conclusion would have been "I just knew that mirrorless cameras were taking off".  Because that's not at all what happened, you are trying your best to dismiss my experience because it doesn't at all support the narrative that "mirrorless cameras are becoming more popular than DSLRs".

You say that you understand what "anecdotal evidence" means, but based on the rest of your comments above, clearly you do not.

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