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the recent trends on pricing with Nikon Products would suggest that "if" there were a D400, it would be more likely to be in the $2000 bracket, thats assuming it had the quality of biuld and ergonomics of the D300 and also the features most D300 owners wanted in a successor.

My guess would be more like $2500. I agree expecting a camera with all the spec people expect from a D400 at a price point just $2-300 more than a D7100 isn't based in reality.

The question is, will this here DF sell more than a D400. The price is expected to be around $3000, for much less features than the D400 is expected to have. The DF will be nothing more than a fashion statement for young boomers with too much money, hehe.

Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

I am highly interested in it, and I am NOT young, NOR a boomer, OR a hipster and I DO NOT feel that the DF is a fashion statement. It appeals to those of us that have been around long enough to have used cameras such as the F3, FA, FM, FE etc and would love to see a return to basic photography again.

If Nikon were to follow up with a DX version of the DF, I would be all over it. If the DF version is priced like the D700 was on intro, namely $2999 then I would for sure buy it. IF they were to offer a DX version priced at $1700, I would buy it as well.

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