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Re: A7 is very mature

Daniel Lauring wrote:

captura wrote:

But are there any advantages of the RX1 over the A7? In other words, why should anyone buy the RX1 now that the A7 is out?

(one possibility is that the RX1 lens is very superior to, say, the Zeiss FE 35/2.8 lens. Maybe?)

A combination of size, simplicity and lens quality. I doubt there will be native lens equal to the size and quality of the one on the RX1 that will be as small.

Right, the RX1-R lens scored 37 points out of a possible 40, one of the highest ratings ever achieved on DxO.

Speaking of which, I wonder if the DxO scoring system is unfairly biased in favor of the largest sensor cameras, and perhaps the ones with the largest lens-mounts. I didn't originate that idea. To illustrate this; the NIKON 1, a very fine performing system (I have one too) gets in my opinion unrealistically low test scores.

If this effect is true, then m43 should also achieve higher DxO test scores compared to the present, when measured against APS-C or FF.

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