D7000 is horrible at soccer pictures

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BTW, AF-A is usually a horrible setting for soccer. Good Luck

I've been reading this forum a while now and from what I've read so far, tell me, what is AF-A NOT horrible for?

AF-A is not horrible - I think it is useless.

All it does, is that it makes the camera determine if using AF-S or AF-C. You can do that youself.

The horrible thing is AF-Area mode Auto - it makes the camera determine where to focus - and imo no one will ever want that. I don't know, why it is there, but I have stolen this from an article about the AF-system:

"In (AF-area, my note) Auto mode, information from the SRS is passed to the autofocus system. Auto mode is then capable of recognizing and tracking a wide variety of subjects whether they are stationary or moving. In this mode the camera detects the subject and selects the focus point automatically. Manual focus point selection is not possible. The active focus points will be flashed in the viewfinder briefly when focus is obtained. After that, the active focus point will be displayed and you will notice a continual update while tracking the subject.

The choice of Auto is best suited for complex scenes and scenes where there are multiple subjects. This is especially true when these subjects are in motion. It can become very difficult to manage these situations in other modes. Auto is also useful when there isn’t enough time to select a focus point manually. Although it is an ideal mode for inexperienced users, it has a use for amature and professional photographers as well.You shouldn’t think of using autofocus automation as being any different than using exposure automation such as Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority. It’s another tool available for use and should be used when appropriate."

The full article is here: http://www.pixelfinesse.com/_docs/D7000_AF_Explained.pdf


I've been shooting with Nikon DSLRs for years and I've never NOT shot in AF-A.  So, I guess in my case, it has not been useless.

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