TC-14EII - TC-20EIII on Manual Focus Lenses

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Re: TC-14EII - TC-20EIII on Manual Focus Lenses

I cannot directly help.

I presume your lens has no electric linkages but provided the stop down mechanism works with one of these converters in place (I so no reason why it should not) a modified TC e should work on a long lens like yours that takes a TC 14b.

Maybe 10 years ago I owned the 1970's designed TC 14a for use on suitable Nikon AF lenses which did not accept the TC 14e. I sold the 14a as soon as the Kenko Pro 300 1.4x came out - the optical improvement was significant, plus the bonus of AF. I have heard similar reports about upgrading the TC 14b on a suitable Nikon lens to a Kenko but have no direct experience.

When I got the Kenko I already owned the TC 14e (I still do) for the 300 and 500 Nikon AF-s primes. I compared the 2 converters and found the Kenko close in optical quality but more prone to creating optical vignetting shooting with a prime wide open.

My expectation is you will get a useful increase in optical quality based on the improvement I found with the Kenko over the 14a and the smaller improvement of the 14e over the Kenko.

You could try to find a retailer with a Kenko 1.4x in stock to see if it works on your lens - I think it should. If it does the Nikon should as well. You can then buy the Kenko or hire the Nikon to see if you get a worthwhile optical improvement.

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