Leaving your DSLR at home

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Leaving your DSLR at home

I just read part of an interesting thread about people with big DSLRs. If I recall correctly there was a 5DII and a D800E mentioned. People left them behind when they went abroad and just took zoom compacts instead.

I am probably going to unleash a storm of fury when I say that I really don't see much point in DSLRs any more. Let's have a quick look at the pros and cons of various things...

DSLR - pro - ultimate quality from the 35mm format if it's a full-frame sensor.

DSLR - con - bloody heavy and quite bulky. Hard to slip into a pocket and just go.

DSLR - pro - APSC - extremely good quality indistinguishable from 24x36 format sensors at the sizes we commonly view or print at.

DSLR - con - apsc - same as DSLR.

CSC (Compact system cameras)

CSC - pro - smaller and lighter with smaller and lighter lenses.

CSC - con - picture quality is OK but not phenomenal. This is expected to improve. The lack of a viewfinder may be an issue.

Zoom compact

Pro - all in one, easy to carry and easy to chuck into a pocket

con - picture quality the worst of all 3 but still bloody good in comparison to most 35mm film.

We keep shifting the goalposts. I think we need to compare digital cameras to Ektachrome 100ISO. I think most digital compacts blow Ektachrome out of the ball park.

It is very interesting that people leave their ultimate quality cameras at home when they go on their holiday of a lifetime. Either the photos are unimportant to them or they realise that for their own use, the arguments for bigger cameras are just hogwash.

My personal opinion is that DSLRs are big and bulky. I would much prefer something smaller with the same capabilities. I really want to like the Nikon 1 system but have reservations on two grounds. The first is focus when light levels are very low. Sure - I could use an illuminator such as a flashlight but that's not always going to be convenient. The second is whether the images are manipulated in camera to get around lens defects. The Nikon 1 is the size I would carry. I'd love to stick a Nikon 1 with a 10 - 30 lens on it in my glove compartment.

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I take photos for my own pleasure. I write books for my own pleasure too. If people buy them then fine. If not then I don't really care. The fun was in writing them. Income is just icing on top of the cake.

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