D7000 is horrible at soccer pictures

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Re: User error

David Lal wrote:

photoisfun wrote:

I am not a noob. Semi noob yes. I've owned many cameras and it seems the D7000 has a problem with AF-C mode. In the short time I've experimented with AF-C mode and comparing it to my D700, D90 and D300, the D7000 has a problem with AF-C. .

If you have a D300 why on Earth buy a D7k? That's where you went wrong. In this forum you'll never convince the fanboys there could be anything wrong with a D7k, its design or manufacturing quality control. Best just to nod and gently acquiesce to their greater wisdom ...

Oooh yes - we can be convinced, that a D7K can be faulty - it's just very seldom.

Very often, it is not the camera - and most often this happens, when the OP will show no documentations.

Most often with focus problems with the D7000, the problem is using AF-area mode Auto and other wrong settings - because the user takes the camera right out of box - taking Pictures with Nikons default settings.

Next they are trying to "fine tune" without doing it correctly and maybe with no reason and last they are ruining their camera by using the "hex screw" method.

Just take all the threads and see how many was rearly camerafaults. There were some - not many.


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