56 a fahsan pahn!

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Re: 56 a fahsan pahn!

Not to disagree with you too much on the "zoom/prime" thing, but many people who know what they're doing and what they need can't afford to spend money up front on body plus any/all of the primes they might need [assuming that all the lenses they might want already exist]: for such people a zoom can be a good interim step if it covers the range they need. That was certainly my position when I got involved with the X series last year; especially since I already had legacy Leica and Nikon prime glass which would cover the outer ends of the range I needed, and which I was not willing to trade in for Fuji glass: the 18-55 gave me a close approximation to the middle of the range I wanted/needed. Nearly two years on I can now afford to think about buying some dedicated primes - although I'd still like to see a dedicated long prime up around 150-200mm.I can recall going through exactly this process when I first bought into the Nikon F and Leica M series in the early 70s - buying a body plus a few essential lenses and then slowly adding others over the next couple of years. Few people can afford to go out and spend several $$K in one go to get a full set of whatever it is. We buy what we can afford over time, replacing components of our kit with incremental improvements, or fill in gaps in our toolsets.

As such things go, the two current Fuji zooms are [IMO] actually quite a lot better than most of the 'kit' zooms from many other manufacturers; sufficiently good that many people won't need anything better provided they're happy with the weight/size/speed penalties.

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