Mirrorless shipments surge....

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Re: Didn't see many MILCs at B&H Photo the other day...

marike6 wrote:

If mirrorless shipments are up in the US, for example, I sure didn't see any evidence of it on Monday when I went down to B&H Photo in NYC. I had my new X-E1 with me.

I cant really quantify how totally insignificant your personal experience is in NYC - I have a problem with incredible small things, anything below an atom is beyond me.

But really I might berate people who turn personal observation into objective fact. But what I find extraordinary is the thought that people think that other people might be interested in what you think you know about what other people are thinking and that really makes my mind spin.

As far as format debates go I think simply this. I use M43, so it is natural to assume that I think M43 is 'better' than any other format because if I thought otherwise, I wouldnt use it. Now someone else uses FF - my assumption is that he uses it for exactly the same reasoning. So what are you arguing about..

If you happen to take your 'own reality' and think you should transpose it on other people who simply dont understand what you understand you are simply suffering from a very obvious fallacy akin to playing poker and not not knowing who the patsy is.

BTW even entering into the discussion of whether promoting your format as the best has any relevance is something contradictory. You end up being the mug who says that one format has advantages in certain circumstances while another has advantage in other circumstances which is so blindly obvious that stating it simply makes you appear moronic.

And M43ers are pretty bad about this. 90% seem to believe that if M43 spent more money on marketing it would be more successful. Really this is simply a projection of 'if people knew what I know they would buy M43'. If you examined the numbers you actually realize the opposite is true.

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