Swapping EM1 for A7

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Re: A7 is very mature

captura wrote:

All NEX development has been cancelled and Sony has dropped the NEX name for new models. Leaving all NEX owners including me, high and dry. A7 and NEX share the e-mount, but if you run the crop NEX lens on the A7 you get only 10 mp.

P.S.  It isn't NEX that is dead, it is the Alpha mount.  Sony is going down the same path of Canon and Nikon, offering one mount (NEX) for both FF and APSC (with the difference being Sony is doing it with a "universal" mirrorless mount.)  Sony will continue to sell both APSC and FF, and aftermarket lens companies will continue to offer their lenses in the NEX mount for both.  Of course, all the older native Sony NEX lenses were only designed for APSC so we'll have to wait for the new FF ones to roll out and for Sigma, Tamron and Tokina to start migrating all their lenses to the NEX mount.

Keep in mind, when this happens they will be BIG FF lenses and the savings in size, will only be for the body.  From a handling perspective, one might prefer to have a big old FF SLR body...especially with the longer and larger lenses.

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