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Hybrid VF important Re: But is it a D700 replacement?

sandy b wrote:

It is to me, but I think many will say no. IQ will be clearly better than the D700, but many may want more in the era of 24 and 36 mp camaeras. I think build wise, yes, 6 FPS, but will it have a grip that speeds it up? The D610 AF is going to turn many off, if thats true. Doesnt bother me, I think my D600 focuses fine, but I understand why others don't. 1/4000 AF is a non issue with the base ISO difference between them. Smaller than a D700, some may not like that.

I think it will be priced similar to a D700 at introduction, and I think it will sell well.

And this is all based of course on rumor, 2 days from now real specs.

I really think that this camera needs a hybrid viewfinder. If it doesn't, it might look like a crippled D700 successor to some, a not-retro-enough to others. However, if it does, it could be amazing, a game changer. Perhaps the greatest street camera ever: combining a retro look (functional for street photography) with the latest tech, and also shoring up the F-mount legacy, giving soul to the brand.

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