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Grevture wrote:

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

Do you not have real world experiences and aren't this real world experiences sometimes later confirmed by surveys/stats/findings etc...

Ok, my world experiences are specific to my local market (Sweden), and is almost a year old (December 2012) but comes from fairly extensive interviews with three managers from three of the largest camera retailers (stores) over here. If I make a rough average from what these three people said, some points stood out:

- the average buyer of a mirrorless camera bought about as many extra lenses as the average DSLR buyer did, but much, much cheaper lenses.

- every once in a while, they sell some really high margin lenses for DSLR's, like super-telephoto lenses (in the $7000 - $15000 range) for birders, enthusiast sports shooters an others. Those few lenses alone provide for more margin for these retailers the the entire mirrorless lens sales does combined.

- the average DSLR buyer spend a lot more money buying battery grips, flashes, tripods, camera bags, filters and other accessories then the average mirrorless buyer.

On of the retailers I talked to also deal extensively with second hand lenses and other accessories, and that market is (for pretty obvious reasons) orders of magnitude larger for DSLR then it is for mirrorless cameras.

Two of the three retailers I spoke to said they made more money (in terms of margins) selling high end compacts then they make from mirrorless which is very often sold with discounts.

From what I have seen, these real world experiences pretty well match with the little sales statistics I have seen.

Fair and valid points although the large telephotos would

have very slow stock turn and high stock holding cost which would have to be factored into end of day profit on those

items...What's the micro four thirds and other mirrorless marketing like in the Nordic countries?

O-MD usersdon't have as much user for tripods and GH users would need different kinds of tripods and accessories that maybe aren't available in those stores?t

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