Considering throwing in the towel with Pentax, some honest unbiased thoughts on the matter desired..

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Re: Considering throwing in the towel with Pentax, some honest unbiased thoughts..

I must admit, I started having my doubts about staying with Pentax in the last Hoya years. I'm glad I wasn't in a hurry...


I came BACK to Pentax for DSLR after 10 years of bridge cameras during the last year of the "Hoya reign," Alex. I have to tell you, however, that had I been as aware then as I am now just how badly Hoya managed the Pentax camera division I may not have. From what I'm now seeing with Ricoh, I'm becoming very optimistic about the future of the Pentax brand -- even if they start calling them Ricoh cameras -- so long as they still fit the same lenses and have the same "Pentax-style" of features and philosophy.

As for Hoya, I won't even buy their FILTERS any more!

As for the OP, I agree a high school student needing a 500mm lens to shoot yearbook photos sounds rather strange, UNLESS she's planning to shoot long-range sports photos for the yearbook -- which I guess could be possible -- I don't know what a 500mm lens would be good for, either (and many high-school sports are shot indoors or at night, so a high-enough shutter speed for a sharp shot would be quite difficult).

Either way, based on what I'm seeing right now from Pentax -- and the fact that there are PLENTY of lenses available -- most for less money than similar lenses for CaNikon. All indicators also point to a Pentax FF camera sometime next year, as well, and quite a few of the lenses in the Pentax lineup will work on a FF camera without vignetteing, unlike what happened to almost all CaNikon APS-C shooters, who had to sell all their APS-C lenses and buy new ones when they moved to FF.

So far, the K-3 has great reviews. I'm still awaiting mine, since I wanted one of the silver ones, which were back-ordered. But the K-5 series is also a great camera, and with the release of the K-3, the K-5II/s are available at a real bargain.

If you really want to switch brands, do that. But I see no reason to, certainly not as far as getting a better APS-C camera from any other maker, definitely not a better deal. Digital SLR Photography magazine just named the K-50 a "Best-Buy" in its class of cameras. I'm willing to bet the K-3 gets similar reviews once reviewers get their hands on them.


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