Is Samsung out of camera business?

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Re: Is Samsung out of camera business?

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Maybe of interest .. ???

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It IS the Galaxy NX I was talking about - their last announced camera - all the way back in June.

And Canon and Nikon are dropping out of the pro level market because it has been a year or more since they announced a new pro model, right?

Pro level cameras in a single line are usually updated about once in 4 years. New cameras by manufacturers (including Samsung) used to be announced about 15-20 models per year.

Besides, the pro-level cameras don't have their own special mount which is not compatible with anything else, they share the mount with cameras which are updated - about 3-4 models per year.

Leica must be getting out of cameras because it's been about the same length of time since their last new camera announcement.

What are you talking about? If anything, Leica announces more cameras than before. Leica C is only announced less than 2 months ago.

Samsung is not a dedicated camera manufacturer. They dabble in photogrsphic gear. They don't have to follow your expected schedule of announcements. May be they don't plan on doing much more with the NX line.

That would be interesting to know for those who have bought and especially for those who plan to buy one of their cameras. Especially system camera or lenses for them.

Or maybe they are waiting until the next product is far enough along to warrant and announcement.

Maybe. But the pattern is unusual for them.

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