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Re: Spreadsheet of units sold by region.

One other observation I would make about the market.

The unit price of DSLRs shipped in Japan is 17% higher than those to the US. The average price of mirrorless shipped is almost identical. Now that obviously implies that in Japan, higher priced models - presumably FF - make up a greater percentage of DSLR sales. But as DSLR sales are a smaller percentage of the overall market, then FF could easily be roughly the same percentage in both markets.

This makes perfect sense to me. What seems to have happened is that mirrorless has replaced a fair proportion of the APS-C models in Japan while it has failed to do so in the US. Rather than a sensor war, as mirrorless is often viewed on this forum, it is more a competition of body preferences over roughly the same size sensor/IQ.

Japan/Asia has always valued smaller size and it was noticeable that Canon even mentioned last week at their results that their mini-DSLR the SL1 was selling well in Asia. It seems that the US and Europe actually prefer larger (and perhaps a viewfinder as well) and to this end Sony even introduced the A3000 - a mirrorless with the form factor of a DSLR.

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