Mirrorless shipments surge....

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Re: Didn't see many MILCs at B&H Photo the other day...

marike6 wrote:

If mirrorless shipments are up in the US, for example, I sure didn't see any evidence of it on Monday when I went down to B&H Photo in NYC. I had my new X-E1 with me. The overwhelming majority of people I saw (lots and lots of people) were carrying DSLRs both APS-C and FF, often with high end L or gold ring lenses.

And in the camera department at B&H, as usual, the most crowded (in fact the only crowded) kiosks were Canon and Nikon.

Olympus, Sony, Fujifilm, and Pentax, et al, had one or two people at most.

Then there was this guy whipping out his Speed Graphic to make a portrait of a local pro. Apparently none of them, including the passerby on the far right, got the memo that they were supposed to prefer teeny tiny cameras.

Getting ready to make portrait of local photographer with his awesome Speed Graphic kit

Of course this is just anecdotal evidence, but I did notice a ton of people happy walking around Manhattan with their DSLRs. Perhaps small size is not as important to most photographers as we think.

Small size is the main and probably only real advantage mirrorless has over DSLRs so it gets mentioned a lot on DPR where people like to debate cameras/formats endlessly so it seems like a lot of people are concerned with it. However one must remember that people posting on DPR is only a tiny portion of the total amount of people who buy enthusiast cameras like mirroless and DSLRS and so is not a representative sample.

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