My photo was stolen and used in a Malaysian stamp?

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Re: you are speaking nonesense as well...

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If you don't want anything stolen, don't show it anywhere in public, because it could be stolen but that's ok, cause it was out in the public, and if it does get stolen, it's all your fault, not the thief's. And if you do keep all your stuff locked up, it might still be your fault if it is stolen if the locks on your place don't keep the crooks out. Let's just cut to the chase - if you make anything public, in any way, you will be robbed and it will all be your fault.

Good one!


That is the way it works. if people had no right to get restitution for violations of intelellectual property no one could make money developing it. no photography no music no movies.

This statement is pure hyperbole. People made vast amounts of money off of creative works for thousands of year before copyright law was enacted.

Copying was rather hard before photography.

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