How does Active D-lighting work with raw's on D800?

Started May 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
TEKgary New Member • Posts: 1
Re: How does Active D-lighting work with raw's on D800?

If someone has this camera ( I rent them and will do this next time I can)set the bracket to bracket all the D-lighting options, set the drive on continuous high and then shoot.  If like the other brackets then hold the shutter button down and you'll get a collection of the various exposures and It'll stop when the 5 or so exposures complete.  Download your raw files to Lightroom or another non-Nikon viewer and if they are different then YES active D-lighting does effect exposures even with raw.  Do the same thing if you shoot jpegs and you'll see the assistance ADL gives.  Also, by choosing which exposure you like the best you now have the specific ADL setting to use for the given lighting situation.  Example:  The adjustment for fall pictures of the colors may be different from the setting at a wedding reception with flash. 'All The Best'

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