My photo was stolen and used in a Malaysian stamp?

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Mike_PEAT wrote:

Other than the species of bird being the same, nothing is the same, not even the angle of the bird.

If you want to compare the two paste them onto separate layers and use the opacity to see how different the two images are.

All sorted. Video done. I can prove it's the same image.

Will upload video link momentarily.

And here's the video

I've now looked at your video several times (no clue how you did it, but that doesn't matter)

I looked because there was something bothering me. Sometimes, on seeing a poster of, say, a woman that seems to be looking at you, as you pass, her eyes seem to follow you. I'm sure you are acquainted with such examples.

My problem was that in the original photo, the bird's line of vision seems general -to be taking in the whole place.

Whilst the doctored image (it also does seem to me that these are of the same photo), the bird seems to be looking at the viewer.

I couldn't quite work out why, but it shows up on your video that as the green intensifies and exposure reduced , eliminating much of the detail surrounding the eye, the birds line of vision seems more directed towards the viewer.

It's not a hugely significant point that I'm making here. I just thought to pass on the observation.

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