Confused about FF lenses on cropped sensor (Sigma 35mm 1.4)

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Re: Confused about FF lenses on cropped sensor (Sigma 35mm 1.4)

I will give the answer as I have understood it so far. But mind you I could be mistaken...

It is as you say a benefit using APS-C when a FF lens has soft corners. But say you have an FF lens with good sharpness all the way to the corners. In this case the lens projects the detail onto the sensor of:

1. FF sensor where the sensor sites (the light gathering "pixels") are bigger as there are more space to distribute

2. APS-C sensor where the sensor sites are more compressed. So imagine the lines by which you would mesure the resolution of the lens and sensor. The image that comes through the lens will be resolved by smaller sensor sites.

And sensor sites are triple the number of megapixels as there are RGB sub"pixels"

I know there is something that seems illogical in this explanation as the smaller "pixels" should resolve more detail - but I would think that when they as small as they have become today there is a quality issue where bigger becomes better

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