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I'm the wrong person to ask about what equipment to buy.  I haven't bought a DSLR in a while.  I took a quick look at the 70D review and it looks like a great camera to me.  When I'm shopping for a camera and a new review comes out, I look at the "Cons" first to see if any of them are deal breakers.  None of the "Cons" on the 70D would be a big issue for me and the "Pros" look great.

I've never owned a Sigma lens.  Typically what you see from a super zoom lens that's inexpensive is that the image quality degrades quite a bit at both the long end and the short end of the range.  It will also probably hunt for focus as opposed to instantly snapping into focus.  That can get frustrating.  On the other hand, it has great utility and if you take care of it you should be able to sell it in a couple years for about as much as you're paying for it, so there's very little risk.

One lens I recommend as a great starter lens is the Canon 50mm f1.8.  I believe you can get a new one for about $100 USD.  It's a prime lens at kind of an awkward focal length, but it lets you take those low light, narrow depth-of-field shots that your other lens can't get.  It's fun to use and zooming with your feet isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Hope this helps a little,


Tee Dub wrote:

Thanks again jbf. I appreciate your thorough and thoughtful responses, I like your writing style.

Good advise regarding forum comments we can all learn from ! You just don't know what's what on the other side.

As I mentioned to Nick above, I am planning on taking the DSLR plunge. I found what I feel is a a pretty good show sale price this weekend here on the East Coast. It's a Canon 70D Body for just about a grand from a reputable shop. I am planning to couple it with a Sigma 18-250mm for another $257. to get my feet wet and see if I can determine where the most of my shooting lies before investing in some good glass. The Sigma guys were at the show also and I was impressed with what they showed me the lens could do in the right hands, under the right circumstances. Price is good till Monday, I think I am in.....

If you'd like, I'll keep you posted and not hold you responsible for sending me to the store with the egg money Meantime, if you have a minute, I'd appreciate your take on my plans.


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