My photo was stolen and used in a Malaysian stamp?

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Re: could be twins!

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I see 2 different images, sorry. I have Bird images going back 60yrs and majority are very similar regarding position of subject.

but what are the chances the exact same patterned bird of the exactly the same proportions/size would take the same angle of the body to the head, sit on the branch with exactly the same spread of legs and then TWO different photographer to get exactly the same angle at which the photo of these "two" birds were taken with the same background pattern? I reckon getting the Powerball lottery win is a sure shot compared to that....

Well I seem to be having that same issue with one of my flickr photographs, which appeared on a blog without my knowledge, let alone consent

Here is a screen shot from that blog: (it has been compressed I think, and the colour slightly altered

and here is "mine"

I wrote to the blogger and asked him to either remove it, or give his visitors a chance to see the original on my flickr page.

Unlike in the case of the OP's bird photo, the blog is non-commercial and ordinarily such copy-write infringements don't bother me, so long as there is some sort of link-back to my flickr account.

He has refused and whilst not saying he took it himself, insists that the photo on his blog is not mine and "but because the photo looks similar, it does not mean that I took it from you account."

I'm supposed to believe that someone had been there holding the camera at precisely the same height, angle and position whilst the sun was also in the same line.

Does he show any Exif data? If the shot was at or near the same time, any time later I

think the dead leaves on the ground would be in a different pattern

Of course. Even shooting exactly the same subject, the chances of two shots being identical is infinitesimal, effectively zero.

How might you convince the skeptical blogger that these two shots are identical ?

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