NIK automatic update broke my Photoshop

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Re: NIK automatic update broke my Photoshop

Steve Coombs wrote:

After the automatic update from NIK for a new plug I could not start CS6. I would get a error message saying there was a missing .dll. It turns out this was a result of the NIK update that I did not even know occurred. Unfortunately I did not know the cause before I tried a recommended reinstalling of Photoshop. Trouble is, I can not figure out how to reinstall CS6 Extended. My original installation was a downloaded upgrade from 5.5. I installed 5.5 but can not figure out how to upgrade to 6. I have the key but can not find the download. The Adobe site is all oriented to CC. Anyone know where I can download CS 6 Extended?

Thanks, Steve

i'm not sure this is a nik update problem. Mine broke with the exact same error after updating my video driver. I think perhaps NIK didn't bump tine install count on the visual studio runtime library dll when they installed it originally. I just reinstalled NIK and all was ok.

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