Considering throwing in the towel with Pentax, some honest unbiased thoughts on the matter desired..

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Re: No certainty anywhere

Wallace Ross wrote:

Okay forgetting your weird backhanded request for help for the moment. My daughter shoots yearbook at her school and I gave her my K10d with a DA18-55 WR and she's never needed anything else seeing as the standard most kids use is their phone.

OK, my apologies to most of you -- I mainly was ticked at the one post that referred to me as "trollbait".....

Interestingly, its not at all my daughter agitating for a Nikon or Canon -- she like the Kx body, but noted that the school has a loaner longer lens that would be nice to try, but its not a Pentax mount.  Like I said in my second post -- I have the money buy what I want, but I also hate wasting it too.

As for the best lens for my daughter (and me), I have not decided on the 50-500 in any way.  It was just a high dollar lens that I was exploring for the Pentax, and then I got to thinking about whether I was doing the right thing buying Pentax, since a couple of the recent entries were not quite as good as the competition, in the reviews.  Admittedly, the K3 seems to be fabulous camera....

I actually have  had several Pentax bodies through the years, so I am not just some guy who bought the Kx as his first DSLR and is now second guessing the move....  The K-x was an upgrade to an earlier DSLR as well....  I don't have my old film camera anymore -- fond memories but the shutter jammed and it was not worth it to fix it...

The 75-300 recommendations look reasonable.  I'll check those out....

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