Considering throwing in the towel with Pentax, some honest unbiased thoughts on the matter desired..

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Mike Hiran
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Think about your needs, and take another look at Pentax

Really, you have a pretty good kit now.  Granted auto focus in the new bodies is quite a bit better and build quality is several notches higher than the kx on all current Pentax bodies.  Your 2 zooms are pretty good if stopped down and your primes are very good.

Maybe if we knew a bit more about the things you photograph we could make suggestions specific to you and your daughter's needs.  So if she is doing low light sports shooting, the advice to go after a faster lens and work on her field positioning (if she needs a 500mm, she should try to put herself closer to the action so she won't need 500mm).  If you're needing the 500mm for birding or wildlife shots, well then the Bigma would make sense.  I've seen really good work from semi-pro sports photogs and often times they are using a 70-200 f2.8 lens so they can have faster shutter speeds and/or lower iso's...

One thing too - if you're wanting more length in your lenses, going full frame will take you in the wrong direction since you won't have the crop factor in your favor anymore.  Personally, the biggest advantage in FF is having a shallower depth of field and honestly, there aren't many occasions where this is really an advantage.  Your lenses will have to by physically larger and heavier too.

From a value perspective, it's hard to ignore the k30 and k50 right now.  For under $500 you can get the body with a WR lens.  In terms of comparing this to your kx, both the k30 and k50 will have a brighter larger pentaprism viewfinder, they will have dual control wheels, viewable focus points in the viewfinder, faster live view focusing, better auto focus on many different levels, higher shots per second, improved stabilization, lithium battery and AA battery options, weather sealing, video modes, etc etc  I had a kx for quite some time and it's a good camera.  But it's 3 generations old now - Pentax has come a long long way since then.

Ultimately though, you have to feel good about the brand to have confidence in it.  It sounds like you don't spend a ton of time (I know I spend too much time here!!!) researching all the news and rumors of different camera brands.  You have other interests and things to do with your time - that's perfectly fine.  But just know I've never felt more optimistic about Pentax and where it's going for the last 6 years.  I've always loved the brand and their products, but the things they are doing to move the brand forward right now is very exciting.  The k3 addresses many of the improvements people were wanting over the k5 which shows Ricoh/Pentax is listening to their customers.  They are improving their lenses so that affordable weather resistance can be had.  It really is a good time to be with Pentax.

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