Are we too fussy about printer profiles?

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Re: Printer and ink variations....

pcm81 wrote:

2. I suspect that the paper whiteness is the largest "paper-to-paper" variation which will effect the ICC profile. If paper A and paper B are both of the same type (mate, Luster, etc) and are of similar whiteness; then i can see how profile from paper A would work well on paper B.

Yes, at least in the glossy family I found this to be true in the paper comparison prints referenced in my post above, with scan white point adjusted to show base tone/tint.

I did a matte series about the same time and found much more variation in contrast and saturation between cheaper and more expensive archival mates. I did find that with a little driver tweak of sat. and contrast, RR Polar Matte was a surprisingly good proofing match for my Innova Smooth Cotton High White-315 display paper. RR's Aurora cotton, OTOH was very flat and undersaturated with the same inking.


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