Considering throwing in the towel with Pentax, some honest unbiased thoughts on the matter desired..

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I have two kdis in high school and go to lots of high school events...

newmikey wrote:


Oh. yeah, before I forget: "Buy a 50-500mm especially for indoor, low-light, hand-held sports. Because it is longer, heavier and far more expensive, it will produce much better shots than any of the f2.8 70-200mm zooms, the DA*50-135mm or the f4.0 DA*60-250mm

Because your 50-500mm has the 50-70mm range at its low end, it would be the best choice for yearbook portraits as well, as long as the lights of the gym are on when your daughter shoots 'm."


LOL, very funny!

To get a little more serious, I have been to lots of H.S. events in the last 6 years (two kids, the second is now a senior), and there are quite a few of them running around at each event with DSLRs - almost all the lowest of the low-end consumer DSLRs, and almost all with some kind of kit lens (18-55 or 55-200).  Very few have even a modestly upgraded lens.  I have seen zero at these events that are moderately serious enough about photography to even have a prime lens.  But here are some facts to keep in mind:

1.  For these kids, a DSLR is almost an accessory - all their friends have Canon or Nikon.  Just like all their friends have an iPhone.  If your child is is pushing for a Canikon, there is a good chance it is because all their friends have a Canikon, not because they are better cameras.  For a yearbook, there is no reason why Pentax would not fulfill your needs.

2.  If your child is shooting sports, a 50-500mm is...kind of inappropriate.  If she is with the yearbook, she can roam the sidelines or baseline or dugout or goalline at will, and can get up close to the action.  For daylight games (which is what your thinking if you mention the 50-500mm), any number of 50-200, 55-300, 70-200, 70-300 zooms should work fine.  Some focus faster than others - I like the sigmas *with HSM* because they focus really fast (I have these on Nikon and Pentax and they are equally fast with both mounts).

3.  For indoor sports...  get a flash and learn to anticipate the action, and/or get faster lenses, and/or spend a lot more money on both a body and lenses.

4.  For people pictures, the 18-55mm kit should work just fine.

All the tips above are based on what I have seen of yearbook photos.  I would do things different for me (because I have more money to spend than a high school kid and am more serious about my photography), but the production quality in yearbooks seldom requires professional equipment.


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