Mirrorless shipments surge....

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stevo23 wrote:

Where does this data come from?

CIPA -- the Camera and Imaging Products Association. It's the Japanese industry trade group for camera manufacturers. They publish monthly production and shipment data (for the overall market, not by company) that is far and away the most reliable information about the camera industry.

Their charts can be difficult for the uninitiated to interpret. I wrote an abbreviated guide in another thread last year, if you're interested:


Their data comes directly from Japanese camera companies and so is accurate down to the individual camera (assuming none of the contributing companies lies to CIPA). But the data is for production and internal sales (i.e. sales from the Japanese parents to their distributors, called "shipments" in the charts). This is not the same as retail sales to actual customers, but over any decent time interval -- 3 months or more -- it's a very accurate proxy for retail market performance. The sales value figures (as opposed to unit sales) are wholesale -- i.e. they are revenues collected by the camera manufacturer and do not include retail markup.

CIPA data does not count non-Japanese companies. But because the Japanese dominate the worldwide camera business, the only significant camera business that gets left out of CIPA's data is Samsung's point-and-shoot business (which of course, is rapidly shrinking to insignificance along with all other point-and-shoot businesses.)

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