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Re: Swapping EM1 for A7- A good decision.


I'm kind of hoping that that people DO sell off their m4/3 gear because of gear acquisition syndrome and pick up the new A7/r!!! Lots of world class, top quality prime glass available for m4/3!!

I recently made the jump to digital photography from film. I've been shooting a Rollie with 120 B&W for years and also a very old Nikon  and Leicia M6 with TriX400.

It's amazing to think that there are have been so many AMAZING slide film shots produced and sold in galleries around the world that *ONLY* have 9 stops of dynamic range if you were to pull out a scientific DXOMark like measuring stick.

Today's sensor technology and glass design is incredible! I'm sure Ansel Adams himself would have been amazed at how far we have come.

I am not a professional myself. I'm an enthusiast who enjoys making pictures regardless of format ... be it wet plate etc...

One thing I was kinda sad to see with the move to digital is all the obsession with IQ perfection at the pixel level... are we chasing sterile images? Have we all started printing bill board size that we *Need* more than todays 11-14 stops of dynamic range and massive bill board size printing.

Hell, it's hillarious to see some guys argue about the 'dynamic range' advantage of their D800 over all others... then they go into VSCO/nik effects and apply a wet plate look and bump the contrast... effectively reducing printable output to 7-8 stops of dynamic range!

Leica have been made famous for their glass. Glass. Glass. Glass. The glass has and always will be a hugely important factor in deciding the perceived IQ (i'll get back to perceived VS DXOMark in a second ).

A particular piece of glass can give a system a character, colour, particular rendering that you do not find on another system. According to DXOmark the M9 sensor was not producing an image as beautiful as my old 1ds mk ii i picked up recently. Personally I PREFER the tonal renderings that I see from the leica / Summilux combo on real world output. But I've seen people bash the camera based on theoretical performance.

Noise to one person is character to another.

Personally I believe that the E-M1 is the next best thing to a user of a D4 / 1D. It's build quality is right up there and will take the rough and tumble. As I believe Steve Huff put it  - it's a jack of all trades and almost a master of every single one.

It's flash sync speed is great and IMHO the right balance between lens , system and image processor has been achieved.

Keep in mind that the digital output of a sensor goes beyond just the sensor itself, but also down to how it is processed. Consider the different colour renderings out of camera between a D600 and A99.... both using the same sensor.

Let's get one things straight in this thread. F1.4 on FF has the SAME light gathering capabilities as F1.4 on m4/3. The difference is down to DOF at a given apperture which may or may not be an advantage to you depending on your work.

As a formatm4/3 lenses have been intimately designed around the sensor. This wasn't a case of legacy film glass having a 35mm sensor designed around it. m4/3 was designed as a balanced system from the get go. Direct light to optimise sharpness to the corners. If you are a wedding photographer, it is an advantage to have more DOF wide open in low light which allows you to capture peoples faces and not just a single eye in focus On my 1D I would need to stop down to 5.6... but by virtue of doing that I need to bump ISO, so already I am loosing quite a bit of my theoretical dynamic range advantage. If I want more DOF ... similar to a FF look, I don't use the same focal length equiv as a FF, I would use a longer focal length lens. The 75mm Oly is world class. Right up there IMHO with the quality of Canon L glass. In fact I personally prefer it's rendering. It is my favourite lens on ANY system.

BTW with respect to shallow DOF... this can be achieved with almost any modern ILC camera. The important deciding points are you distance to the subject, the distance of your subject to the background , the focal length and apperture of your lens and lastly sensor size.

m4/3 is a different format to FF. you work with it differently with slightly different lenses. Similarly when I work with my Rollie I don't shoot at 50mm 1.4

The sony is a great camera ... no doubt. If it suits you , then you should buy one.

Buy which ever camera you will enjoy shooting most. Invest in good quality glass (a lot of people compare m4/3 with cheap kit lens with top of the line L glass on 5d's).

Sensor technology willl continually improve... arguably we have reached the point of diminishing returns and most improvements are scientific at best.

Let's not forget IBIS (4 stop worth on EM5 and 5 stops worth on EM1) and the ability to extend your dynamic range far beyond with inbody HDR (never mind the ability to bracket shoot and combine in post).

The point is the limitations is not really the camera - be it A7r or Em1.

Both will probably take stupidly high quality photo's and it will be ulimately down to which rendinging YOU prefer and which camera suits you best at a given focal length.

Best of luck and enjoy your A7/r .

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