Considering throwing in the towel with Pentax, some honest unbiased thoughts on the matter desired..

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Re: No certainty anywhere

Boy, I never should have brought my daughter into this......

She definitely does not NEED a bigger lens, but she's shooting a lot of sports, so it would be nice.

And I would like a bigger lens too.  Yes, by all means the old man would like one too.

I am financially in a position to spend pretty much whatever makes sense.

That's the problem -- knowing what makes sense.  There often a sweet spot, after which laws of diminishing returns start to kick in.

30 years ago or even 15, we sort of read in some magazines the opinions of writers and talked to our friends and made a leap of faith.  Now with the internet, forums and websites, plus billions of individual reviews, it becomes baffling at times.....

I struggle in particular with the debate between APS and full frame that seems to be out there.  I'd hate to invest in an expensive lens for any mount, only to find it hamstrung in a few years.....

Well, anyhow.  For those of you who provided insightful commentary, I thank you greatly...

For some of the others, I'd point out that I am uneducated in this matter, but not stupid.  Some of you may consider yourselves well educated about the topic, rightfully so.  But you have also shown your stupid sides in your approach to educate me......

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