Mirrorless shipments surge....

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Re: we'll see

Abrak wrote:

Well we shouldnt have long to wait to hear from Olympus - they report quarterly results (their 2Q) next Monday.

Thanks for the reminder. I wasn't considering quarterly results -- I was thinking about fiscal 2014 vs. fiscal 2013. If Olympus reports on sales of PEN/OM-D specifically on Monday, it's virtually certain that they will report lower sales for the first 2 quarters. But, as you know, they tend to be parsimonious with details on their ILC business. Still, in addition to Olympus's comment about lower PEN sales in their Q1 quarterly (thanks for reminding me of that) both Canon and Nikon have felt compelled to report on ILC sales in their most recent quarterlies -- because the ILC downturn is a significant business event. Maybe Olympus will, too. I don't have any doubt that they will report on the ongoing disaster in point-and-shoot sales, which, as you again know, is the really big camera industry story right now.

It's also very likely that Olympus will offer a revised forecast for the full fiscal 2014 (ending March 31, 2014). If they offer any specifics on ILC cameras in that forecast, we can all revisit this thread.

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